This website is is the official website of a research project IP-2018-01-9354 financed by the Croatian Science Foundation.


The theme of the project

Managers and executives in organizations are responsible for motivating employees, making quality decisions and building teams that will deliver good results over time. They are crucial for the success and development of companies, as well as for the motivation and well-being of subordinates. However, research shows that more than half of managers are unsuccessful in their jobs and either quit themselves or are fired. Also, some studies indicate that as much as 50% of decisions made by high-level managers result in failure. Regardless of the sector or position within the organizational hierarchy, the reasons for the failure of managers are mainly related to some of their psychological characteristics.

We believe that executives influence organizational outcomes through a set of competencies that make up their managerial potential. Leadership potential depends in part on personality and decision-making competence. During this project, we will explore whether recent insights in the field of measuring implicit personality can contribute to leadership research in organizations. Also, in line with recent proposals for the integration of work and organizational psychology and judgment and decision making fields, we will explore how leadership success is related to individual differences in decision making.

As an outcome of this project, we plan to develop and empirically validate a battery of psychological tests for the selection and development of managers, which will be based on the latest scientific knowledge in the field of selection and management. The battery will consist of implicit personality tests based on the conditional reasoning paradigm, instruments for measuring individual differences in decision making, and situational judgment tests to assess managerial potential.