Symposium at the 19th Eawop Congress in Turin

Our research group led by a PI Zvonimir Galić organized a symposium “Measuring unconscious: Opportunities of implicit personality measures for work and organizational psychology” 19th EAWOP congress held in May, 2019 in Turin, Italy.

Within the symposium, six papers were presented describing studies that explored the usefulness of Implicit Associations test (IAT) and/or Conditional Reasoning (CR) paradigms in W/O psychology realm. The papers ranged from those extending the two paradigms to new constructs important for understanding and predicting workplace behaviors (i.e., core-self evaluations, self-control and the Dark Triad traits), over psychometric models behind the CR paradigm and importance of congruence between explicit and implicit personality for entrepreneurship, to comparison of the IAT and CR paradigms in predicting organizational leadership criteria.

The goal of symposium was to to demonstrate that contemporary implicit personality measures might be both psychometrically valid and practically convenient tools for W/O psychology researchers and practitioners.